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Welcome to Brookson 

We are a specialist accountant for contractors, freelancers and self-employed professionals. Since 1995 we have provided a service to over 70,000 self-employed professionals across a range of industries. At Brookson we pride ourselves on offering a totally unique service which is available 24/7 on mobile, tablet or computer which tells you on a daily basis* how much money you can safely draw from your business without spending the taxman’s money.

At Brookson we believe knowledge helps empower people, which is why we have a number of free guides available to download. We have also produced information that can help you understand more about accounting related issues crucial for the self-employed professional.

Free Guide Downloads
  • Limited Company

    A full range of accountancy and support services for your limited company business


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  • Sole Trader

    Whatever accountancy and support services you need to help you run your business, we can provide them


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  • Umbrella company

    If running your own business isn't for you, come and work through the Brookson Umbrella Company


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  • Bespoke

    Whatever the circumstances of your business, we can help


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