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Preparing for retirement for a business owner

As a business owner, it is imperative that you make plans for your retirement in the future. Here are the ways in which you ensure you have adequate... Read more

Tips for a great work-life balance as a contractor

One of the reasons people choose to become a contractor is to have a better work-life balance. Not being tied to regular office hours and being your... Read more

How to succeed in a niche market

Running a business within a niche market means that you are specializing in a particular product or service, which can be quite a challenge... Read more

Boomerang Funding – Money Makes the World go round

You are probably not old enough to remember Liza Minnelli singing “Money makes the world go round” for the hit movie Cabaret in 1972. A movie... Read more

How to stay motivated as a Contractor

It happens to every contractor occasionally: the slump. That time when you’ve been between contracts for a little longer than you anticipated, when... Read more

Top 10 Laptops for Freelancers

Typically working on the go and often remotely, freelancers depend on staying up to date with latest technology. In fact many freelancers today can... Read more

European Brexit

How might Brexit affect SMEs?

The UK's impending exit from the European Union has dominated the headlines this summer. From the shock of the announcement of the leave vote, to the... Read more

Tips for working temporary contracts

Regardless of your industry, starting a new job in a new office with a new team can be a daunting experience. When you’re a contractor, you may... Read more

European Brexit

Brookson responds to Brexit

In the wake of the Brexit vote, social media has gone into override with reactions and opinions about what this now means for the British economy.... Read more

Childcare options for all

If asked to name their life goals, a lot of people would put down 'running my own business' or 'starting a family'. But what about those who want... Read more

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