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Why Connect?

  • Money Manager IconKnow the 'one number' that counts - 24/7...

    Connect updates your financial information daily, taking into account your latest income, expenditure and taxes. It means you can see clearly how much cash you have in the bank, and the ‘one number’ you can safely withdraw – vital if you have a big bill to settle or a one-off purchase to make.

  • dashbaord iconRun your business from a single screen... 

    You can delve as deeply as you like into your business figures simply by clicking on an entry. Or if you prefer a simple overview, you can view all the key data you need on the single Dashboard screen. The choice is yours. Either way, your details are updated daily, so you know you are working with the very latest information.

  • Planner IconNever miss a deadline or payment…

    There’s a lot to remember during any financial year. We look after as much as we can on your behalf, but some things inevitably need your attention. The Connect Planner helps you stay on top of all your milestones and deadlines with automatic reminders and advice on what you need to do and when you need to do it. 

  • Document storage IconDocuments received and filed safely...

    Connect comes complete with a virtual filing cabinet for all your critical business documents. As your registered office, HMRC and Companies House send us your key paperwork, and we will store it and make it available online 24/7. The system is totally secure and easy to search, giving you access to the documents you need within moments. 

  • Money Manager IconA complete overview of your business

    Our Money Manager facility puts the critical numbers of your business at your fingertips: profit, turnover, salary, dividends (if applicable) and more. It has been designed with simplicity in mind – easy to navigate and interpret, and of course backed-up by our friendly, specialist telephone support if needed.

  • Tax Planning IconSynchronised personal and business tax planning

    Tax planning is important, especially if your income is approaching the Higher Rate Tax threshold. Connect is updated daily, therefore you gain a clear picture of your tax obligations,  both business and personal, so you can manage your tax planning well in advance, and not pay a penny more than you have to.

  • Money Manager IconSupply your financial details - in a flash

    If you need to arrange a loan or apply for a mortgage, you’ll need to send details of your finances.  Connect enables you to quickly and clearly supply any third party with an accurate, up-to-date snapshot of your finances, giving everyone peace of mind and faster response times. 

  • Expenses IconManage your invoices on the move...

    By providing a detailed record of all paid and outstanding invoices that is updated daily, Connect takes credit control to a whole new level of speed and simplicity. As well as checking outstanding invoices, you can raise and send new ones, or scan and log receipts for a fast turnaround on expenses. The power is in your hands.

  • Money Manager IconAvoid nasty surprises…

    In business, no one likes shock tax bills. By seeing your tax position updated daily on Connect, you will know precisely how much is due and when, telling you how much you can spend and how much to put aside.




  • IR35 IconStay IR35 compliant…

    If you think you might be caught by IR35, you can submit all assignments to our team of highly-trained legal experts for appraisal – then store all your paperwork in one secure online location. Connect helps you stay safe, organised and in control of your own business destiny.

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