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April 2009


Alstom to build new power station

Alstom, a French energy firm, has won a contract worth €1 billion (£900 million) to build a low carbon power station in Pembrokeshire. The company was awarded the contract for the work by RWE npowe... Read more

Insolvency law changes 'to benefit small businesses'

British small businesses are set to benefit from the planned changes to insolvency laws laid out in last week's Budget. Under the new proposals from the Treasury, businesses suffering as a result o... Read more

New coal plants proposed

Up to four new coal-fired power stations are to be built across the UK by the end of 2020, energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband has confirmed. Despite protests from environmentalists, th... Read more

Government plans to sell Northern Rock

The government may sell a part of Northern Rock back to the private sector before the end of the year, it has been reported. With ministers believed to be looking to generate profits from at least... Read more

Patent reform 'should have been included in Budget'

The government missed an opportunity to give UK businesses a boost by failing to include a far-reaching reform of the national patent system in last week's Budget. That is according to patent law... Read more

Faslane leaks revealed

Radioactive leaks from nuclear-powered submarines are a "recurring theme" at Faslane naval base, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has warned. According to documents obtained under the Freedom of... Read more

Government to take action against offshore accounts

The government announced it is to launch an "offshore disclosure opportunity" as part of its Budget. The Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs unveiled details of the scheme, which has been set up to... Read more

NHS makes budget changes

The Department of Health is to adjust its revenue budget for 2010-11 to make savings of £2.3 billion. According to the organisation, although spending will rise by 18 per cent during the Spending... Read more

Investment fund to support British business

The government has created a £750 million strategic investment fund to help businesses survive the economic downturn. According to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform... Read more

Small businesses 'need help from export scheme'

The Export Credit Guarantee Scheme (ECGS) should be made more accessible to small businesses, it has been argued. According to the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS),... Read more

Budget offers business support package

An additional £5 billion worth of trade credit insurance will be made available to UK businesses under the proposals laid out in the chancellor's new Budget. Announcing the government's economic... Read more

Government 'too close to contractors'

A new report estimates that the government could save up to £300 million if it managed its contractors more effectively. Findings from a study by the Public Accounts Committee revealed that during... Read more

New website created for contractors

A new website aimed at assisting contractors and freelance workers network has been created. The site, which is called freelancesupermarket.com, has been set up so contractors, recruiters, umbrella... Read more

New UK nuclear plans exceed current capacity

The government announced that plans for nuclear power are now enough to satisfy a quarter of the UK's electricity demands. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, a joint venture... Read more

Finance guidance website launched for SMEs

The government has launched a new website providing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with advice on how to source funding opportunities. According to Business Link, the No-Nonsense Guide to Finan... Read more

National Freelancer day planned

The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is launching the first National Freelancers Day later this year. Taking place on November 23rd, the event is aimed at acknowledging the contribution of... Read more

FSA looks to get tough on trading

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has signalled its intention to clamp down on financial scams and particularly those involving rogue traders. Attendees at a conference on financial crime held... Read more

£220m NHS innovation fund launched

The government health minister Lord Darzi has announced that an additional £220 million is to be made available in order to encourage greater innovation within the NHS. Under the new initiative, th... Read more

Small businesses 'disappointed with Budget'

A significant majority of UK businesses are disappointed with the government's latest Budget measures, with most believing little or nothing has been done to offer them further help in this tough... Read more

Manufacturing industry 'could save the economy'

The growth of the British manufacturing industry could save the UK's economy, one professional services company has claimed. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), the manufacturing industry... Read more

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