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Employers could turn to contractors after one recruitment firm highlighted a lack of suitable candidates for certain roles.

30 May 2012

Posted by James Curtis

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the economic climate, including high unemployment, businesses are struggling to find suitable candidates for a number of roles, a new report has shown.

As such, a number of employers could turn to limited company contractors in the meantime in order to ensure that projects are completed on time and to a high standard.

Research recently published by recruitment giant Adecco has shown that while many people are searching for new jobs, fewer suitable candidates are presenting themselves.

"In sectors such as digital marketing for example, there are many opportunities for experienced personnel. However, the number of jobs outweighs the available people and therefore there is a large gap to fill," the firm explained.

"Existing employees who have to learn on the job are often promoted, but for companies where a certain level of knowledge is vital to success, it is a lot harder to fill the initial vacancies."

The latest official figures show that UK unemployment stood at 2.63 million in March, despite a first-quarter fall of 46,000.

By James Roberts

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