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Our Story

Brookson was born in 1995 in Warrington, by Rick and Carolyn Nevinson.

Rick has a background in engineering and found that others in the industry were incurring huge year-end tax bills and having no money to pay them, he did not have this problem as his wife Carolyn was completing his accounts for him. This made them think that... ‘There must be a better way for contractors to manage their accounts’ ...

Rick and Carolyn set up Brookson with the vision of creating an accountancy company with a difference – a company passionate about meeting the needs of their customers through innovation and personal attention; these are values that the firm continue to uphold today!

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Where we are now

We have transformed from a small Warrington based accountancy firm back in 1995 to where we are today.

We’re now a provider of professional services to the flexible workforce, be you a contractor, freelancer and other self-employed people, along with micro businesses and a provider of contingent labour related professional services to end clients through vendor management technology and services.

Here’s a few facts about us now:

  • We have over 300 employees
  • We’ve worked with over 90,000 customers over 20 years
  • In excess of £130 Million of temporary labour was supported last year
  • We are experts in high volume transactional processing:
    • Over 37,000 timesheets
    • Over 24,000 expenses
    • Over 96,000 login’s to Connect, our leading edge, intuitive, technology portal

Our Vision

"To be a market leading provider of technology
enabled professional services"

Our Values

We strongly believe that our core values have helped develop the pioneering and friendly approach that comes with a level of proactivity that should make you feel like we are the most helpful pair of hands your business could ask for.

Whilst we use the latest technology to enable us to be the only accountants for self–employed professionals that deliver an updated picture every day, we have some real good old fashioned principles at heart. That’s why we are available to talk 6 days a week; We want you to enjoy dealing with Brookson and feel you’re receiving a world class service.

We know that we must continuously seek to find pioneering new ways to support and help our customers keep pace with the ever changing world of self-employed working. Just OK is never OK with us, because there will always be a better way of helping and supporting customers, brilliantly, in good times and bad.

We are genuinely committed to making life easier for our customers. We care passionately about what we do and strive to truly understand our customers and their needs. We believe that a professional service does not have to be tedious and dull with its customer interaction.

We make sure that we are wired into everything you need to know about running your business and that we are always up to speed with your circumstances so that you get the right advice, at the right time in order to keep you safe and secure now and in the future.

We are a totally open book and that is how we have designed our services. Everything we do is driven by our desire to help and support our customers and we’ll never knowingly let them down. We understand that clarity is key and we ensure our customers get what they need - we know that this is what trust and respect are built upon.

We like to keep a watchful eye on our customer's business so that they get no unexpected or unpleasant surprises – big or small. Customers will be in touch with their money 24 hours a day, giving a feeling of security and immense support. We want our customers to feel a different sort of service; one that they both trust and enjoy. We like to make it a pleasure to do business with us.

Our Services

Are you a Contractor, Freelancer or Self-employed professional? Brookson's Specialist Accountancy Services could help you operate compliantly, save time and money!

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